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Two students, a young woman and a young man, look intensely at a wooden machine

Providing Stanford students with opportunities to learn through physical design and making.

We envision a campus connected through making, with makerspaces forming communities of interdisciplinary collaboration that embody the diversity and inclusivity of our University.

We can realize this vision for making@stanford by supporting the people that mentor our student makers, enabling accessible making courses in every discipline, and building connections between making communities across campus.

ME228T (Winter quarter)

The Future of Mechanical Engineering Education Seminar

It is an exciting time to be a Mechanical Engineer -- our field is undergoing incredible changes, influenced by new tools in data science, automation and manufacturing and by emerging applications in sustainability, human health and robotics. How can Stanford best prepare our students to become leaders in this new landscape?

Pilot Projects

Designing, making, and evaluating physical artifacts can enhance learning in any discipline while connecting people from diverse backgrounds. This pilot program seeks to fund new educational activities that improve student access to design and making experiences, with an emphasis on supporting the people who mentor our students, creating accessible educational experiences, and coordinating the making community at Stanford.

The making@stanford Executive Committee is excited to share that 21 pilot projects from across the University received funding through the Fall 2022 Call for Proposals.