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There are many classes taught at Stanford with a strong focus on hands-on making, providing students with the opportunity to develop practical skills and engage in experiential learning. We have compiled a list of exciting classes across many departments that rely on hands-on making elements.

AA100Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics
AA114QLarge Spacecraft Structures
AA136BSpacecraft Design Laboratory
AA146BAircraft Design Laboratory
AA236BSpacecraft Design Laboratory
AA280Smart Structures
APPPHYS 207Laboratory Electronics
APPPHYS 208Laboratory Electronics
ARTSTUDI 102Art Practice Foundations II
ARTSTUDI 130 / 231AInteractive Art: Making it with Arduino
ARTSTUDI 147Art Book Object
ARTSTUDI 150N/QQueer Sculpture
ARTSTUDI 151Sculpture I
ARTSTUDI 152Soft Sculpture
ARTSTUDI 250Individual Work: Sculpture
ARTSTUDI 251Mold Making + Casting
ARTSTUDI 252Sculpture II
BIOE 44Fundamentals for Engineering Biology Lab
BIOE 123Bioengineering Systems Prototyping Lab
BIOE 141BSenior Capstone Design II
CEE 131GFabrication in Architectural Design
CEE 139Design Portfolio Methods
CEE 147Building Heaven and Hell
CS 123A Hands-On Introduction to Building AI-Enabled Robots
DLCL 203Data Visualization with Textiles
EDUC 211AMaker Tools Learning Lab
EDUC 237Learning, Making, Crafting, & Creating
EE 11SCDream It, Build It!
EE 14NThings about Stuff
EE 133Analog Communications Design Laboratory
EE 157Electric Motors for Renewable Energy, Robotics, and Electric Vehicles
EE 272/372Design Projects in VLSI Systems
ENGR 40MAn Intro to Making: What is EE
ENGR 241Advanced Micro and Nano Fabrication Laboratory
ME 101Visual Thinking
ME 102Foundation of Product Realization
ME 103Product Realization: Design and Making
ME 104Mechanical Systems Design
ME 106How to Redesign Everyday Things (for Beginners) (ARCHLGY 106Q)
ME 115BProduct Design Methods
ME 127Design for Additive Manufacturing
ME 128Computer-Aided Product Realization
ME 170BMechanical Engineering Design: Integrating Context with Engineering
ME 203Design and Manufacturing
ME 210/EE118Introduction to Mechatronics
ME 216B/CAdvanced Product Design: Capstone
ME 218A/B/CSmart Product Design Fundamentals
ME 248Silver Pendant Project
ME 263The Chair
ME 269Designing Learning and Making Environments
ME 298Silversmithing and Design
ME 310B/CGlobal Engineering Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
ME 318Computer-Aided Product Creation
ME 324Precision Engineering
ME 325Making Multiples: Injection Molding
MI 260Creative Visualization Studio
MUSIC 250APhysical Interaction Design for Music
MUSIC 250CInteraction – Intermedia – Immersion
PHYSICS 104Electronics and Introduction to Experimental Methods
PHYSICS 108Advanced Physics Laboratory: Project
TAPS 39Theater Crew
TAPS 101PTheater and Performance Making
TAPS 232Advanced Costume Design
TAPS 233Advanced Scene Design

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