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We are excited about our programs to fund design and making education at Stanford, support research on making in education, and recognize outstanding members of our educational community. Four programs directly fund courses, making spaces, and other educational activities at Stanford: Maker Fellows, Making Mentors, Making Materials, and Making Equipment.

This funding is made possible through the generous support from Autodesk.


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Faculty & Staff

Making Fellows

The Making Fellows program provides funding for student course assistants, student shop monitors, and other part-time student employees to support courses with a substantial physical design and making component, makerspaces that emphasize education, or other activities essential to the making@stanford mission.

Faculty & Staff

Making Mentors

The Making Mentors program provides funding for lecturers, teaching staff, and expert practitioners to teach courses with a substantial physical design and making component, provide individualized student support in our education-focused makerspaces, or lead related educational activities.

Faculty & Staff

Making Materials

The Making Materials program provides materials for student design projects in making courses and makerspaces.

Faculty & Staff

Making Equipment

The Making Equipment program provides funding for equipment to enable or enhance making courses, help makerspaces reach their full potential, or promote other activities essential to the making@stanford mission.

New courses or activities can be proposed by applying to one or more of the above programs and linking proposals within each form. For all of the above programs, proposals will be evaluated based on educational impact. We encourage applicants to consider the principles behind the making@stanford initiative, the problems that it seeks to address, and the priorities for funding physical design and making activities, described at the About Page.

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Independent Study Student Grant Pilot

The making@stanford Independent Study Student Grant Pilot Program is designed to support the work of students in the Stanford making community. This program will grant up to $300 to students in quarter-long independent study courses.

Each of these funding programs builds upon what we've learned from past and ongoing making@stanford projects.