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Starter Projects for Laser Cutting

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These projects have been selected and designed to allow you to quickly create a project using the laser cutter, while also showcasing the capabilities of this process. Please select a project from the list below that interests you, download the vector file, and then follow the guidelines for setting up the machine in the making space you are in.

5-10 Minute Starter Projects

These projects are a quick way to go through the steps of getting set up and making something on the laser cutter. They have been selected for including cutting, engraving, and rastering operations to make the part, and only requiring one material. All of these are 2.5-dimensional designs.

10-15 Minute Starter Projects

Allowing for more time with these projects allows you to begin working with parts that interface together. These projects are more 3-dimensional as the parts cut are assembled together. 

  • making@stanford Nameplate
  • Architectural Model

Machine Operation

Each laser cutter has its own unique operating procedures, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines for the laser cutter you'll be using. To ensure a successful setup and operation, refer to the documentation or training materials provided by the making space or facility where you are working. These resources will offer step-by-step instructions on how to set up the laser cutter, including safety protocols, software usage, material preparation, and any specific considerations or limitations. By following the recommended procedures, you can confidently and safely utilize the laser cutter to bring your designs to life.