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Autumn 2023 Grants

making@stanford funded a diversity of projects across campus as a part of their third funding round.

Welcome to a showcase of the incredible projects fueled by the innovative spirit of making@stanford for the Autumn 2023 Funding Round! making@stanford received an exciting range of proposals across 12 departments and 3 schools. Through generous funding from Autodesk and unwavering support from faculty and staff in the community, we have witnessed a diverse array of initiatives blossom into impactful endeavors across disciplines. From technical lab-based courses to pioneering technological workshops, from artistic creations that inspire to community-driven initiatives that uplift, these projects exemplify the boundless possibilities when creativity meets resources. Join us as we celebrate the ingenuity and passion of our community, and delve into the extraordinary achievements made possible by the collaborative efforts of the making community at Stanford.

Find highlighted funded projects below (list always being updated as projects happen):

Sustainable Architecture + Engineering

Resources for Architecture Studio Rebuild

Mirroring changes in the major, the Architecture Studio is getting a rebuild of it's layout. This investment aims to create an inspiring environment conducive to innovation and collaboration in architectural exploration.

Electrical Engineering

EE64: Mechanical Prototyping for Electrical Engineers

This course introduced mechanical design to electrical engineers and other non-ME students through the form of hands-on prototyping and design. Final projects had students independently designing and manufacturing simple assemblies to solve issues in their projects, careers and daily lives.


3D Bioprinting Lab Class

Funding for a research assistant to develop a low cost light-driven 3d bioprinter to be used in workshops to teach students how to build and operate a stereolithography printer for the bioprinting class.

Stanford Introductory Studies

Continued support for ITALIC99

ITALIC 99 courses, which are 1-unit student-initiated making courses housed in the ITALIC/Burbank dorm, served a record number of students in fall and winter quarter. We had 70 students across 8 different courses in the winter, plus an additional 30 students in the fall quarter. Students repeatedly say these classes meet a need that can’t be filled elsewhere on campus.

Sustainable Architecture+Engineering

Teaching Support for CEE133B: Architectonics and Urbanism

Through the making@stanford grants, beginner students were able to break through their fears of making and complete workshops feeling empowered to design and make projects on a timeline. For our foundational studio, the grants helped to hire a professional model maker to introduce students to a range of materials and model making best practices.

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