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Digital Content Lecturer

Nicholas Robles


Nicholas studied art and mechanical engineering at Stanford University, graduating with an M.S. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in Art Practice with Honors. During his masters, Robles worked as a course assistant for the Product Realization Lab, where he recognized his passion for education. His past work has ranged from exhibiting sculptures that explore the aging of materials and communities in the Midwest to designing and building a research exoskeleton for assisted walking. Robles has worked on many projects as a grant-funded artist and short-term engineering projects working on need-finding and hardware design.

Robles is engaged in exploring the harmony of art and craftsmanship through mediums like ceramics and silversmithing. His ceramics speak to the poetry of everyday life through the permanence of memories through physical objects. The jewelry he makes explores an alter ego expression of inner beauty. If a material he encounters speaks to him, he will be sure to learn about the process to transform it.