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Digital Fabrication Lecturer

Jack Rokous

Jack studied at Babson College, concentrating in Technology, Entrepreneurship & Design, while also taking courses at Olin College of Engineering. He was among the first cohort of students collectively running the Weissman Foundry, an intentionally transdisciplinary makerspace uniting Babson, Olin, and Wellesley Colleges. Jack relished having the opportunity to learn additive/subtractive processes, lead equipment trainings and workshops to teach other students how to make things, and design informational signage and documentation to aid people who prefer to learn on their own initiative & pace. After deeply enjoying this work every quarter until graduating, Jack then ran the makerspace at a boarding school in New Hampshire, also teaching courses including Digital Fabrication, Intro & Advanced Robotics, Sustainable Architecture, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Photography. Some of his favorite things outside of the makerspace/lab environment include tea, snowboarding, backpacking, foraging, and swimming.