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Spring 2023 Grants

making@stanford funds fifty proposals across Funding Programs: Maker Fellows, Making Mentors, Making Materials, Making Equipment, and Research on Making in Education

With a dedicated focus on bolstering the backbone of our educational ecosystem—the individuals who directly nurture and guide our students, including faculty members, instructors, mentors, and student staff—a total of fifty proposals originating from thirteen distinct departments across four Schools have been successfully funded through the Spring 2023 Funding Programs. 

Examples of funded projects include:

  • materials, tools, and assistant support for successful making@stanford 2022-23 pilot courses in Geophysics and Silversmithing 
  • materials for courses in costume design, photography, haptics, and bio-making
  • assistant support for a new Anthropology IntroSem 
  • student staffing support across several programs and making spaces


Updates on funded courses, projects, and new programs will be available below as they are implemented.  


BIOE 261: 3D Bioprinting Laboratory

This class had 13 students, represented by undergrads, masters, and PhD students, learn through a series of workshops. Student assembled 3D bioprinters, then learned how to use them in bio applications by printing a tri-leaflet heart valve, printing into tissue, and staining human tissues to assess cell behavior in printed inks among other workshops. Final student group projects ranged from building electronic sensors to enable automated nozzle alignment, to designing and making low-cost 3D printed auger dispensers, to 3D printing human heart cells to form a beating bio-pump with a valve.

Theater & Performance Studies

TAPS28: Stage Makeup

Hands-on instruction and practice was a core element of this class as students learned techniques of make-up application and design for the actor and artist including corrective, age, character, and fantasy.

Art & Art History

Enlargers for Photography Lab Dark Room

This grant awarded funding for enlargers in the Art Department's Photography Lab. This lab supports a variety of core art studio classes and higher level conceptual photography classes. Materials were also funded for one of the core photo classes, ARTSTUDI 170: Light and Shadow.


BIOE44: Fundamentals for Engineering Biology Lab

The lab course expanded its toolkit of fermenting bioplastic polymers from sugar-containing growth media using living biomanufacturing microbial strains. Undergraduate students collaborated with making mentors to design, construct, and optimize DNA sequences for bioplastic-producing bacterial strains, resulting in the successful production and characterization of biopolymers with improved properties.

Music (CCRMA)

Expanded Curriculum in Physical Interaction Design and Musical Acoustics

The CCRMA Max Lab supports the making of musical instruments, where students pair understanding in music and composition with physical making. The cornerstone class, MUSIC250A, continues to dazzle with a wide range of unique student projects, now with expanded access to design and making elements for their instruments.

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