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In Winter 2024, Beverly Choe taught CEE133B/Studio 2, emphasizing model making and hands-on fabrication. The making@stanford grants played a pivotal role in fostering a supportive environment for beginner students to overcome apprehensions associated with fabrication.

As part of this course, a series of Product Realization Lab (PRL) workshops were conducted to familiarize students with fundamental tools and materials essential for model making. These sessions offered invaluable insights into various types of joints, particularly focusing on constructing them using MDF, a commonly used material in model making. These workshops conducted at the PRL served as catalysts for student empowerment, enabling them to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills within a stipulated timeframe. By providing access to essential materials, the making grants facilitated seamless execution of studio projects, removing financial barriers and ensuring equitable access to quality resources. This accessibility empowered students to focus on refining their craft and making informed material choices, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of their projects and learning outcomes.

A separate workshop for the class was led by by professional model maker Megan Werner and was aimed at imparting best practices in model construction. This collaborative learning experience allowed students to gain firsthand knowledge from an industry expert, enriching their understanding of advanced techniques and precision in model making. The funding to make this possible not only bolstered students' confidence but also instilled a sense of experimentation and creativity within the studio environment.