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Architecture Studio

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The Stanford Architecture Studio is a communal maker space open to all Architecture majors, minors, and studio-enrolled students. The space supports students in creative work and projects through a variety of materials, supplies, and equipment. If you have any questions about this space and its resources, feel free to reach out to John or Amy!

How to Access

  1. Key access to the studio space is given to Architecture majors, minors and students enrolled in studio courses.
  2. Open 24/7 outside of class hours.

What's Here


Laser cutter, Various drafting supplies, Drafting boards, Various modeling supplies, Various paint and paper supplies, Crafting materials, Computers, 3D printers, Plotter, InkJet printer, Apple TV, Communal workspace, Pin-up space, Rolling whiteboards

Office Hours

By appointment.


CEE31/31B/31Q: Accessing Architecture Through Drawing

CEE32F: Light, Color, and Space

CEE32H: Responsive Structures

CEE130: Architectural Design

CEE134B: Intermediate Architecture Studio

CEE137B: Advanced Architecture Studio

CEE139: Design Portfolio Methods

CEE147: Building Heaven and Hell