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Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping Facility (AMPF)

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AMPF aims to establish leadership in the future of manufacturing by providing a space for faculty, students, and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into market-ready products.  This advanced 3D printing facility will enable digital design, prototyping, and small-scale production as an integrated innovation hub and shared use facility that will be a key pillar for innovation and commercialization for investigators spanning the Stanford campus and Silicon Valley.

What to Know

  • This shared use facility allows for the printing of polymer parts for just the cost of the materials.
  • A super user model is available for those working on more involved projects. Contact Roger if interested.

How to Use

  1. Email Roger with your project description and timeline.
  2. Collaborate with Roger on material selection, part design, cost estimates (payable through a PTA), and deadlines.

OR: Click the "Submit Your Part" button on the bottom of the AMPF website.



Carbon M2 3D Printer

Carbon L1 3D Printer


Roger Wise, Director of AMPF,